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A quick, online survey that helps you and your students learn about each other and build stronger classroom relationships

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Use the web-based 'Get to Know You' survey in your classroom, featuring questions on interests outside of school and learning styles.

Students get instant feedback

Students instantly see what they have in common with their teacher; teachers can explore similarities with their students.

Explore your similarities together

Use your shared interests to start conversations and connect what you're studying in a way that will help your students learn.

Discover the importance of classroom relationships

For years, educators have recognized that teacher-student relationships matter. Research has increasingly shown that strong relationships between students and teachers can unlock a wide set of positive outcomes.

In a recent study from Harvard University, Dr. Hunter Gehlbach and colleagues found that when students and teachers discover what they have in common, they are more likely to foster a positive relationship—which can improve student performance and reduce achievement gaps.

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"I already had a very special moment where a student and I both said that we'd want to go to the World Series, and his response was: "Finally, a teacher who gets me!" I think that's what we all want to hear."

Brooke A. 
Teacher, 8th Grade English Language Arts

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